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How to accurately assess and interact with your client's brain and nervous system
How to clear pain and improve athletic performance
How to assess and normalize issues with neuromuscular control
Gain real life insight from our expert interview guests
Dr John Demartini
The Demartini Institute
Carl Paoli
Freestyle Connection
dr perry nickelston stop chasing pain
Dr Perry Nickelston
Stop Chasing Pain
rafe kelley evolve move play
Rafe Kelley
Evolve Move Play
How to uncover issues and imbalances in motor control
How to coach AMN complex movement patterns, and the science behind why they are superior to traditional 'old school' training methods for optimizing health and wellness
Gain insight into the therapeutic side of the AMN paradigm: this is perfect for those already working with corrective exercise and correcting a client's system
Hi, I'm David Fleming
Director of Education for The Academy of Applied Movement Neurology. 

I help career Personal Trainers and Therapists turbo-charge their clients’ results with our Proprietary techniques in training and therapy, derived from Functional Neurology, Biophysics and our own research and development.

My way of working with clients has now been adopted by thousands of personal trainers, and therapists in over 52 different countries.

With the AMN System, you can eliminate all of the guesswork and will never again feel insecure that you won't be able to get to the source of your client's problems with speed and certainty. Use and enjoy!
What's featured in the academy:
  •  How to program for skill vs strength development ensuring that you know exactly how to structure your training sessions for ultimate efficacy
  •  How to easily improve your mobility around the major joints
  •  Gain systemized assessment protocols for ultimate accuracy in your client sessions
  •  Ask questions about your hardest cases and get invaluable feedback from others just like you
  •  Get access to an ever-growing network of Health and Wellness professionals for your own personal development
  • How to gauge the state of your Brain in Real Time
  •  Understand the difference between Mobility and Flexibility and why most people train their clients incorrectly for both
  •  You will look at how to accurately and effectively train using Complex Movement protocols, that improve Strength, Coordination, Balance, Motor Control and Flexibility... This is a MUST HAVE in every Personal Trainer's tool kit. 
  •  An extensive Calisthenics programme with over 100 video tutorials & expert coaching cues 
  •  Techniques to change the output of a client's nervous system
The Academy provides a system for consistently getting your desired client results: Allowing you to work with more fullfilment and less overwhelm
As a member, you'll be certified as an AMN Holistic Health Coach
Just a few of our satisfied customers
How It Works:


Go through the Academy's 5 modules, and complement your already existing knowledge through our Expert Interviews, Bonus Classes, Guided Meditation, and Live Q&As.


Our multiple choice exam is centred solely around the 5 core holistic health modules. Go through it with ease, once you've completed all the lectures and videos.


You'll get a digital badge to share on your social channels & a printable certificate for framing. 
Choose from any of our 5 core modules to begin your journey. If you're not sure what to start with, we recommend Module 1: Environment, as it provides a solid foundation upon which health can be built upon.

Our courses are broken down into Daily lesson that take roughly 15min a day and are primarily video. This means you can easily login on your phone while having your morning coffee, on the train to work or in-between sessions with a client. 

We break down complex topics like Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine and Biophysics into easy to understand, bite size lessons.

We’ve also factored in the very important aspects of the Psychology of habit change. We focus on no more than 2-3 tasks every two weeks to help you not only implement long lasting healthy habits into your own routine but provides you with a framework for coaching your clients through the same changes in a way that wont overwhelm them and will STICK. 
amn academy
Be a better professional in your industry
  •  $3500 Worth of Education 
  •  Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions with the AMN Academy Teaching Faculty
  •  New Monthly Guided Meditations
  •  Monthly LIVE Lectures on topics YOU choose
  •  Monthly Expert Interviews with some of the Industry's brightest minds
  •  New tools such as client intake forms, assessments and training templates added every month 
  •  Huge Discounts on top tools, programs, live events and the AMN Practitioner Certifications 
Resources & Strategies to strengthen your progress
In short, AMN holistic health coaches are able to not only deliver vitality boosting lifestyle protocols...they are able to deliver those results with confidence, knowing that their clients are walking out of the session on an easier road to recovery, heightened health, and a better life experience.

If you're interested in becoming a highly sought after facilitator of health goals then I have one question for you...
Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"
(or...Why You Might Want To Get Certified)
Let's face it: trainers & therapists are a dime a dozen. 

So how do you separate those who "walk the walk" from the ones who merely...

That's the problem!

We don't just teach holistic health education, we actually DO the work too. 

Our Director of Education, David, is known as the “end of the road guy”… people go to him when all else fails. Our faculty members Dillon and Scott run full capacity training & therapy practices.

We aren't journalists, or just scientists who don't apply our research.

We're practitioner and therapists, running busy practices (both online and offline) helping people live better lives, get rid of chronic pain, improve flexibility, heighten movement capability, and everything in between.

In other words: WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF... we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they're talking about.

And that's why we created The Academy members platform and certification.

We’re making it available to YOU...
Access The Academy from anywhere in the world with our state of the art education portal, eliminating the need for expensive travel and time out of your busy schedule to attend live courses.
You can login to all AMN Education from your phone or tablet device that will allow you to listen to lectures on the go, or watch the Video Tutorials whenever you need to refresh your memory.
Community of Online Coaches & Practitioners
amn academy coaches practitioners
The Success of the AMN Movement is down to the success of our Practitioners. Unlike most courses we keep an active and thriving online community. Joining the AMN student community gets you access to Practitioners around the world as well as the team here at AMN Academy.  

You can ask questions, get support and network with thousands of community members from all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Be a better health professional with The Academy
Get INSTANT Access To All Of Our Entry Courses
Worth over $3,500
Join an Exclusive Community of Health And Wellness Professionals from all
over the world to learn, collaborate, and improve lives. 
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monthly payment
Access to all of our Entry Courses, plus brand new, never before seen modules and monthly updates
Monthly Coaching and Implementation Calls
5% Discount in the AMN Online Store
5% Discount on the Level 1-4 Practitioner Certifications
Yearly Academy Membership
yearly payment
Access to all of our Entry Courses, plus brand new, never before seen modules and monthly updates
Monthly Coaching and Implementation Calls
10% Discount on all Live Events
10% Discount on the Level 1-4 Practitioner Certifications
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**All Fees are in US Dollars
Discover The Power of Having ACCESS To A World Leading Community Of Experts
Our faculty members are here to facilitate your professional growth!
What Our Students Think...
In Case You Were Wondering (FAQ)
Here's the kind of people who are members of The Academy:
  •  Those who want to develop a complete picture of How To Achieve Health in our Modern Environment
  •  Those who have been let down by the apparent 'experts' who were just rehashing outdated information
  •  Those who want to establish themselves as their community's "Go To" figure when it comes to realising health goals
  •  Those who want to be part of a buzzing circle of like-minded health-obsessed pros
  •  If you're done going in circles not knowing what information is to be trusted... and want an expert faculty member to answer your questions
I'm not a Personal Trainer, can I still join?
Yes you can. Although this program is designed for trainers and there may be some technical details that might be over your head if you haven't had any education in Anatomy and Physiology, there are no restrictions to who can join The Academy and we feel absolutely anyone can benefit from this kind of information
How long is the membership for?
You can cancel your membership at any time, there are no fixed term contracts etc
Can I access the Academy from my phone or iPad?
Yes. The Academy consists of two parts. The members website and the Facebook Group, both of which are easily accessible from any device. 
I have spent a ton on courses and programs in the past, what makes this different?
That it’s not a course. If you just want information only, this is not for you. If you want INSIGHT and ACCESS, these are usually the things that help move the needle the most
Does this include the Level 1-4 Practitioner Certifications?
No. The Practitioner Certifications open for enrolments twice per year in May and November. Academy members get significant discounts if they choose to become certified AMN Practitioners during one of the enrolment intakes. 
How much time is required to make my way through the modules?
You can go through as fast or as slow as you like. We have designed it in a way that you can go through in just 15min a day while having a tea or coffee in the morning and watch the day's lesson.
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